Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning and associated services

Rendering available professionals with consolidated experience in our Sector of Activity : we define the needs, implement methods and organise the works, always focusing on excellency, performance and satisfaction of the Client. Combining the stability of family values with the entity of a Group with more than 1000 employees, AMG Services adjusted to the needs of the Portuguese market, asserting itself as an acknowledged partner in varied sectors of activity.

Shopping Centres; Hypermarkets and Supermarkets; Logistic Operation Centres; Offices; Touristic, Cultural and Sport Spaces; Large Scale Distribution and Retail; Business Infrastructures; Educational Institutions; Public Institutions; Parking Lots

Food, Motor Vehicle, Pharmaceutical, Mechanic, Textile

Health Centres, Clinics, Pharmacies, Hospitals, Nursing Homes

Construction and Gardens maintenance; Conclusion of Works; Supply of Consumables; Healthcare; Industrial Cleaning; Occasional Cleaning; Level 1 Maintenance

The strength of AMG Services resides in its experience, proximity and responsiveness.

We are close to you, to anticipate your needs and join synergies in order to provide a service of excellency.

We keep up with you in the control of our performance, adjusting methodologies and giving our very best to meet your needs.

We have the suitable experience and methods to provide customised Industrial Cleaning Services.

We implement innovative practices, adjusted to your needs, defining, together with you, the Operating Procedures and we comply with our commitments.

We develop sustainable solutions, always performing with respect for the environment, both managing natural resources and preventing pollution.

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