Policy of Social Responsability

The AMG Group started, a few years ago, an approach which strived for the structuring and development of its commitment in terms of sustainable development.

Well defined commitments irrigate all their fields of responsibility, which are in line with the initiatives held by the company, throughout the years, in terms of ethics, transparency and social, environmental and economic performance.

Reinforcing Social Responsibility

  • Fostering performance and development of our collaborators’ careers;
  • Improving the relationship Board/Collaborator through social dialogue and the involvement of all in different projects;
  • Contributing to the reduction of all forms of discrimination.

Ensuring a Sustainable Economic Development 

  • Satisfying and retaining clients, respecting contractual commitments;
  • Ensuring the best responsiveness by our services.

Preserving the Environment

  • Promoting a better management of natural resources and prevention of pollution;
  • Maintaining an Eco Responsible Purchase Policy, together with our Suppliers.


Industrial Cleaning

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