The AMG Group, established in 1996, is specialised in outsourcing solutions of support functions for companies, in the scope of Industrial Cleaning, Private Security, and more generally Facilities solutions.
Driven by a strong entrepreneurial will, the Group is currently present in France and Portugal, counting more than 1500 collaborators. In 2016, a turnover of 25 million Euros was achieved by the combination of external and organic growth.
A familiar group since its birth, AMG has no external shareholders and is financially independent, a principle which has marked its performance throughout the years.
Based upon an innovative and integrated strategy, the Group complemented, in 2016, its offer of Services with the creation of AMG Facilities, thus becoming able to supply integrated solutions in the varied areas of Facilities.
Currently, our services lay upon know-how and the vast experience of the companies of the group: AMG Propreté, AMG Sécurité, AMG Facilities and AMG Services (Portugal), performing both autonomously and in perfect coordination.

The strength of the Group is based upon the fact that it preserved its qualities of proximity, responsiveness and accuracy, always keeping the trust of its customers at the centrer of the relationship.

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning and associated services

Rendering available professionals with consolidated experience in our Sector of Activity : we define the needs, implement methods and organise the works, always focusing on excellency, performance and satisfaction of the Client. Combining the stability of family values with the entity of a Group with more than 1000 employees, AMG Services adjusted to the needs of the Portuguese market, asserting itself as an acknowledged partner in varied sectors of activity.

Shopping Centres; Hypermarkets and Supermarkets; Logistic Operation Centres; Offices; Touristic, Cultural and Sport Spaces; Large Scale Distribution and Retail; Business Infrastructures; Educational Institutions; Public Institutions; Parking Lots

Food, Motor Vehicle, Pharmaceutical, Mechanic, Textile

Health Centres, Clinics, Pharmacies, Hospitals, Nursing Homes

Construction and Gardens maintenance; Conclusion of Works; Supply of Consumables; Healthcare; Industrial Cleaning; Occasional Cleaning; Level 1 Maintenance

The strength of AMG Services resides in its experience, proximity and responsiveness.

We are close to you, to anticipate your needs and join synergies in order to provide a service of excellency.

We keep up with you in the control of our performance, adjusting methodologies and giving our very best to meet your needs.

We have the suitable experience and methods to provide customised Industrial Cleaning Services.

We implement innovative practices, adjusted to your needs, defining, together with you, the Operating Procedures and we comply with our commitments.

We develop sustainable solutions, always performing with respect for the environment, both managing natural resources and preventing pollution.

Where are we


Policy of social Responsability



Customised Surveillance and Security Solutions

In an extremely competitive market, where security competences have been, in their majority, replaced by mere offers of working hours, AMG provides its clients with its vast consulting experience, human surveillance and fire safety.

Guided by an entrepreneurial dynamic, AMG created its own corporative entity based on competence, performance and satisfaction of the client.

It is with this in mind that we offer accuracy and the procedures of the biggest security companies, allied to proximity, responsiveness and good relationship, which only a familiar business can offer..


Security in Commercial Areas
Security Services and Fire Safety (shopping centres, distribution and industry); Helping Victims; Personal Searches for Prevention and Security; Security against Robberies; Personal Security guaranteed by collaborators with suitable training, both at the level of the exercise of the activity and at the level of professional attitude and ethics.

Security in Buildings
Performance, monitoring and follow-up of the activities of Controlling access by personnel and visitants (programming and management); Intervention on alarms (intruder and fire); still or mobile Surveillance (rounds); Aid to Victims; Worker Protection

Static Security
An organising system adjusted to each client according to its sector of activity (shopping centre, ERP website, tertiary, among others), with efficient communication tools and support to invigilators

Fire Safety
SCIE/PRE Fire Safety (Plans for Emergency Response); Risk Prevention (training and control); Victim Assistance; Interventions on Alarms; Coordination and Contact with the Public Emergency Services



Service Management and Integration

With the creation of the area of Facilities, AMG intends to provide the current problems of its clients with a real answer, based on its experience and professionalism.

For such purpose, it offers a wide range of services which are meant to answer the activities which do not add any value to its clients, thus allowing them to focus exclusively on that which is their core business.

The intervention perimeter of AMG Facilities is broad and adjustable, given its ability to create partnerships with the best professionals of each area.

A structure above the “business divisions”, where all the needs of its clients are gathered, within the same scope,
An offer of Integrated Services for Building Management (FM) or Isolated Services,
Maintenance and Remodelling,
Audits to the Security Area,
Organisational Innovations.

More than a supplier, AMG Facilities aims to become a trustworthy partner.


ERP Fire Regulatory Control
Full management of the security records; annual calendar for the visits at the beginning of the contract; Annual plan of action; Training plan; Support to the follow-up of regulatory requirements

Reception and forwarding of people and messages (telephonically and personally) in institutions and cultural events, business and service buildings, commercial spaces; General management of services (reception and distribution of mail, management of meeting rooms, …).

Development and Design of Security Solutions against Terrorism; Security Audits and Training (Risk of intrusion, Cybersecurity, …).

Global Service Solutions
Combined management of service providers (cleaning, security and facilities); Management of varied solutions contracted to the Facilities, centralised in only one interlocutor (with periodical follow-up meetings).

An optimised alternative to the creation and/or delegation of projects and the management of the terms of reference; Periodic information on the state of the project to the responsible/intervenient; Monitoring of the fulfilment of the terms of reference; Monitoring and control of the woks; Preparation of the specifications, terms of reference, construction permits, among other documents


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